Kosovo Serbia Agreement reached

Kosovo-Serbia dialogue facilitated by EU is stepping in its final stage today in Brussels with two Prime Ministers meeting once again to finalize the Agreement to normalize relations between two countries. Negotiations between Belgrade and Pristina started on 08 and 09 March 2011

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16:40 Prime Ministers of Kosovo Hashim Thaci and of Serbia Ivica Dacic signed the Agreement for normalization of the relations this Friday in Brussels, said Catherine Ashton in an urgent press point held few minutes ago.

According to Ashton the round talks are closed and both sites now will inform Brussels that they accepted agreement.

“These negotiations have been concluded. The text has been initialled by both Prime Ministers. I want to congratulate them for their determination over these months and for the courage that they have. It is very important that now what we are seeing is a step away from the past and, for both of them, a step closer to Europe.”, Ashton stressed.

According to Serbian PM ‘ the points regarding the police  remained in the signed agreements whilst point regarding the admission of the Kosovo to international organizations has changed.

16:40  From now on, Serbia will treat Kosovo as its neighbor and its partner – equal to all other independent states in Europe, Kosovo Foreign Affairs Minister Enver Hoxha states.

16:30  Catherine Ashton is expected to held urgent press conference

16: 17 Agreement is reached between Kosovo and Serbia, sources in Brussels say, but officially this is still not confirmed. Thaci advisor Bekim Collaku says it is true

16:02  ‘I hope that agreement will be reached. It is good if we have good agreement, otherwise it is better not to have it at all’, the AAK leader, Ramush Haradinaj stated today in Prishtina

16:00 “ No agreement is better than to have a bad agreement’ , says Ardian Gjini, Kosovo Assembly  MP from the Alliance for the Kosovo Future (AAK)

15: 50 Tripartite meeting Thaci -Dacic -Ashton hasn’t started yet a source in Brussels told Info Globi

15:40 The delegation of the Belgrade told Ashton that they will even not discuss offer on the table if the point 14 is still there, the Belgrade media reports.

This point as Info Globi reported earlier provides to the Kosovo the right of admission in international organizations. Kosovo analyst commenting on the Serbia stance told Info Globi that ‘Serbia is playing double standards. On one hand it says it wants to normalize relations in Kosovo. On the other hand, it means ‘to normalize relations by blocking Kosovo future and its integration in international entities’.

14:30  “Theere is nothing to be afraid of! There will be no invasion and no assimilation!”, Kosovo Minister for EU integration, Vlora Citaku said.

14: 10 “The Serbs in the Northern Kosovo will not accept Agreement if it is against Serbia Constitution or if it is harmless for Serbs” selfdeclared leader of the Kosovo northern municipalities, Krstomir Pantic told media.

14:05 (Kosovo time) EU-facilitated dialogue is on-going. Catherine Ashton is currently holding bilateral meetings with PMs & their teams, the Spokeswoman of the Ashton, Maja Kocijancic said….

13: 30  ” I hope that agreement will be reached and I urge Serbia leaders to accept it” , Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci said shortly after he arrived at the premisses of the EEAS in Brussels./infoglobi/e.b.