Kosovo: Guess what German Ambassador is doing

German Ambassador to Kosovo, Christian Heldt has joined UNICEF’s and HANDIKOS campaigns to raise awareness for children with disabilities in Kosovo.

120 wheelchairs are placed at the central part of the Kosovo capital town, Prishtina.

As pictures show the Ambassador Heldt moved around streets, schools, and cafés in order to demonstrate the challenges of using a wheelchair in everyday life.

In fact, German Ambassador was challenged by UNICEFKosovo.

“UNICEFKosovo has launched something amazing with the #120wheelchair campaign. So I counterchallenged @himuratsahin for a wheelchair ride through #Prishtina. Empathy is the ability to change perspective… So we “others” move around easily and are often not even aware about how many hurdles there are for people, even more so kids in wheelchairs. Try it yourself it’s an experience: recklessness of cars parking on the walkway, or being in a Café trying to get to the restroom…These everyday situations continue in school, so there is a ramp to access the building, hooray, and then, chemistry class 1st floor? Restroom access? well…There is more to do to give access, equal access. It starts by putting yourself in the shoes or wheels of the other… Same discussions in ??, awareness improveable. If affected, you might end up as we did, with an impregnable hurdle. Please help all kids take hurdles, also with access to information. I challenge #Kosovo business to start Laptop & tablet donations program with @UNICEFKosovo”  stated through Twitter Ambassador Heldt.


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